Monday, August 15, 2016

Episode 31: Happy Birthday To Us!

This week we celebrate the one year anniversary of our very first episode. And there was a lot to talk about. John joined me on the show and we welcomed Scott Matteson from Simply Syndicated's Movie News as well as Next Time: The Comic Book Television Prediction Podcast. We chatted a lot about Star Trek Beyond (spoilers) and Suicide Squad (no spoilers). We also had some discussions about Stranger Things, TMNT, and Harry Potter.

If you want to contact the show you can do it right here on the site or click on Contact on the menu above to find our email or our Facebook and Twitter pages. Be sure to leave us a review wherever you download the show so that we can help more people find the podcast.

One thing that I'd like to note: After this week the show will not be weekly for a while. It will be mostly every other week, though the episodes will be longer such as this one was. The reason for this is because I am an adult college student with a full time job, a wife, and two kids. School starts at the end of the month and I just won't have the time for editing a weekly show. I hope you understand and I promise that I'll put double the effort into the quality of the shows we do.

Thanks for listening over the past year. Without people listening to the show there would be no point.

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