Saturday, November 5, 2016

CP Episode 39: 2016 Fall TV Best And Worst

In this episode we talk about the hits and the misses in the new line-up of TV shows this fall. We discuss the newcomers as well as a couple of returns. We also talk a little about the classic film Rear Window starring Jimmy Stewart and directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

We're starting a little contest for the holiday season. We want to hear from you so send us a question about a TV show or a movie and we'll discuss it on our next episode. We will pick a name at random from everyone that participates and that winner will receive a homemade Christmas tree ornament in a Star Trek or Star Wars theme. The ornaments are made by my lovely wife. I will mail your ornament at the end of this month so that you'll get it with plenty of time to put it on your tree.

But you've only got about two weeks to participate as we'll be recording our next show on November 17. So send your question on social media to our Facebook or Twitter pages by doing a search for "Cosmic Potato". You can also email them to us at

Of course you can listen to the show right here on the website or you can subscribe to us on iTunes, Stitcher, and Podcast Addict on the Android store. Make sure you give us a rate and review wherever you get the show so that we can help more people find the podcast.

And thanks for listening!

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