Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Prime Direction #11: Michael Jan Friedman

As a Star Trek fan I have read many, many novels over the years based on all of the franchise properties. When you're a dyed in the wool Trekker then you can't get enough of the stories with your favorite characters. So in between episodes...and especially in between seasons...I would read Star Trek novels. One of my favorite authors of these books was Michael Jan Friedman, and it was a distinct honor to get to talk to him on this episode.

We talked about his first memories of watching The Original Series when he was a child and how he got started writing the novels. We also talked about "Resistance", which was the episode of Star Trek: Voyager that he wrote.

Michael has a couple of things that he is working on right now that you should really go and look at. First, he is writing a comic entitled Empty Space that will be available at Comixology in January. He describes it as "Star Trek meets Lost". You can find out more about it by visiting his website at michaeljanfriedman.net.

He has also teamed up with other writers such as Aaron Rosenberg and Peter David to develop a publishing company called Crazy Eights Press. They put out stories that are a little less conventional and might not be covered by traditional publishing houses. You can visit their website at crazy8press.com.

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