Sunday, February 26, 2017

CP Episode 44: The Family Friendly Experimentation

After a few weeks off John and I were able to get together with Rick and talk about our favorite family friendly programming. These are our favorite TV shows and movies that we like to let our kids watch or that we like to watch with them. If you're a parent then you might learn about a few new shows that you didn't know about before. If you know someone with kids that you think could benefit from this topic then please forward a link to the episode to them.

A few of the other things that we talk about: Ben Affleck is not directing The Batman; Kevin Smith is directing a new episode of Supergirl with special guest Teri Hatcher; Peter Capaldi is leaving Doctor Who; James Cameron may reboot The Terminator; and Stephen King and Steven Spielberg are bringing Castle Rock to Hulu.

I also had a special interview this week with Matthew Goodson-Orr that you'll get to hear. He's one of the guys that is heading up BoroughCon in New York City. It's a brand new convention and I hope some of you guys that live in that area or that may be in that area in May will think about dropping by. If you want to find out more about it then you can go to their Facebook page here.
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