Saturday, May 27, 2017

CP Episode 51: Casting Call

In this episode John and I got together to experiment with a new audio capturing program. It didn't work. So after a few minutes we swapped back over to Skype and continued on.

Despite those technical difficulties we talked about a lot of stuff. We went over a list of shows that are being cancelled and decided if we were surprised by any of them. We talked about American Gods and the over-the-top violence and diarrhea scenes. And we chatted a little about the new trailer for Star Trek: Discovery.

Our main topic was a lot of fun. We took some of our favorite old cartoons, TV shows, and movies and pretended that there was a new film being made out of them. Then we made a list of who we thought should play which character. It's a lot harder to pick a good modern actor to play some of those roles than you would think it would be.

As we recorded the show it was only about 24 hours since the attack in Manchester, England. We want everyone that listens to know that if you were in any way affected by that bombing that our thoughts and prayers are with you.

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