Saturday, June 24, 2017

CP Episode 55: That Guy That Was In That Thing...

You know that guy that was in that thing? You know...the one that the girl was in love with? Well, he was in that other thing with that one guy from that...No? Not that guy. The other guy. Yeah...Yeah, That Guy!

On this episode we discuss our favorite character actors whose names might not be quite as well known because they usually play smaller roles or they are usually second to the leading man. It might be guy that was more famous from a previous generation but for you it's a guy that shows up in stuff from time to time. Or, it could be someone that is really well known for a niche genre that most people don't watch but you love. You constantly have to think of mainstream things that they were in so that you can describe them. That guy...that was in that thing!

We also discuss some of the news that make us really look forward to Star Trek: Discovery...and some other news that make us not really look forward to the future of the Transformers franchise. And John recounts a few celebrity encounters that he had at Awesome-Con last weekend.

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