Saturday, March 10, 2018

Captain GameShow #7: Dark and Gritty Improv

Feeling observant?
Then look for your first clue...
the HIDDEN GAME begins!

Today’s guests:
Branden Ushio, Jared Stern, and Allie Sandstrom (KEEP READING!!)

Weeks ago, there was a typo in the written title of the episode, which inspired an idea: What if I hid little clues when I released some of the episodes? And these clues led to a question? And the answer to this question was worth a prize to some clever listener? At that point I couldn’t NOT do it! It seems like the clues work best if you access the episode through Facebook or the Cosmic Potato website.

By my calculations, the whole clue should be completed around the end of the year, at which time I’ll pose the final question of The Hidden Game. If you think you know what the answer is, PM me and make your guess. I’ll choose a winner at random from everyone who got it right, assuming one or more people out there actually take the time to decipher these shenanigans. I'll drop more clues about The Hidden Game in upcoming shows, but for now, happy hunting!

*P.S. If you think you’ve figured out how the clues work and you want confirmation, please send me (John Irons) a private Facebook message — as opposed to posting a spoilery comment for all to see — and I’ll let you know if you’re on the right track. Good luck everyone! :o)

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