Sunday, April 1, 2018

World War G #171: It's EGGciting And EGGcellent

You can now play old hand held games online--There may not be a Rick and Morty season 4 according to Dan Harmon and his alchololism--Gotham City has a new bane and he's a hero on the half shell--New Predator movie, it's time to let that franchise die--Steven Spielberg believes that Netflix should not qualify for Oscars--Mark Hammil is complaining and AJ has a bone to pick with him--Fantastic Four returning to Marvel Comics...yah--Troy gives his quick review of Game Night--We both review Tomb Raider and Troy gives two separage reviews of Ready Player One--Our Easter Egg EGGstravaganza!--We talk about the best easter eggs in video games, movies, television, and a massive easter egg list of Ready Player One (potential spoilers)

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