Saturday, May 26, 2018

The Prime Direction #21: Virginia Pickel

Many of you know that I co-host a podcast over on the Simply Syndicated network known as Simply Syndicated's Discovery Aftershow. Last season we tried our best to find some female representation to join our conversation. When season 2 comes around you'll be hearing this month's guest as our regular co-host.

Virginia Pickel hails from the great state of Texas. Growing up in rural America she didn't get exposed to most of what Star Trek has to offer until fairly recently. It is interesting to find out how her fandom has unfolded over time. And the fact that she is still experiencing a lot of it for the first time was fun to talk about.

Virginia hosts a blog at She attempts to offer explanations for a lot of the things in Star Trek, such as alien races and technology, that will be easy to understand for newcomers. I recommend it. Go check it out!

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