Saturday, July 21, 2018

Cosmic Potato #99: Frequently Unasked Questions

This week we're joined once again by Troy Wood from the World War G Podcast and by Christopher DeFilippis from The Quantum Leap Podcast. We take a break from some of the gravity in the news topics that we've been given as of late and just decide to get to know the panel.

I found some questions...random questions...and we just took turns asking them. They're everything from "When was a time that you saved someone?" or "What habit are you proudest of breaking?" to "Would you rather be able to fly or be invisible for 24 hours?".

This was a lot of fun and will probably be something that you hear again from time to time with some of our regular guest hosts. I want to thank Troy and Chris for being good sports and taking the time to hang out with us. You can find Troy's show right here on the network or on his website at Chris can be heard over at and at

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Thanks for listening and be sure to tune in next week for our episode 100 extravaganza!

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