Captain GameShow

John Irons is the co-host of Cosmic Potato. Our listeners know that he loves all kinds of games. Trivia games, word association games, general geeky knowledge name it and he loves it. Now he's bringing that dedication to the game to his very own show right here on the network. Captain GameShow takes people that you know and some new voices as well. So join him as he spreads the

If you have ideas for a game that we can play or trivia questions that you'd like to hear us use then just click on the "Contact Us" button on the right of the page and shoot us a message.

Episodes (Click To Listen):

Episode 57: Largemouth Bass Presents...

Episode 56: Fandomaniacs 2--The "B" Is For Star Trek

Episode 55: Private Rhyming Eyepatch

Episode 54: Smokey Pants and the Holy Grail

Episode 53: Primordial Smurf

Episode 52: Let's Put The A In Titular

Episode 51: Dubble or Nuthin'

Episode 50: A Dalek's Best Friend

Episode 49: The Enigma Modification

Episode 48: The Power of O's

Episode 47: Deez Is Them

Episode 46: Power Flower Powers

Episode 45: Captain Cosmic Crossover COMPLETE!

Episode 404: The Hidden Game

Episode 44: The Point of Christopher

Episode 43: Team Bermuda Cube

Episode 42: Yodel Badger II--Badger Rules

Episode 41: Show Game Captain

Episode 40: That's What Smurf Said

Episode 39: Colour Me Confused

Episode 38: Technically, No, Speed Racer

Episode 37: The Alphabet Curse

Episode 36: Boss Of Confusion

Episode 35: World War GameShow

Episode 34: Archibald's Magical Notes

Episode 33: This Is My Pteranodon

Episode 32: Secret Tractorpocalypse

Episode 31: The Shape of Improv

Episode 30: Get Your Longshorts On

Episode 29: Cosmic Crossover

Episode 28: Chim-Chim vs The Alamo

Episode 27: Goodnight, Ex-Pants

Episode 26: Moonjacked!

Episode 25: DeathTrap of Rhyme

Episode 24: Fandom GameShow

Episode 23: A.K.A. Senior Outreach

Episode 22: Senior Life Coach

Episode 21: Family Doesn't Count

Episode 20: Casting Body Parts

Episode 19: Accio Oliver!

Episode 18: Unaccompanied Advertising

Episode 17: Millennial Fortune

Episode 16: Of Volume and Verse

Episode 15: The Bourne Delivery

Episode 14: Antagonist Pop

Episode 13: Re-use, Replay, Recycle

Episode 12: Netflix And T'Chill

Episode 11: Relay Player One

Episode 10: A Flock Of Randos

Episode 9: Gimme A Reason, Bro

Episode 8: Discovering The 80s

Episode 7: Dark and Gritty Improv

Episode 6: Noonien Numerals

Episode 5: M. C. Foodstuffs

Episode 4: WTF Jeopardy

Episode 3: 20 Questions And Beyond

Episode 2: OMG CGI IMDB

Episode 1: Neeson's Labyrinth

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