Cosmic Potato: The Super Fantalk Podcast

Every week Shawn and John get together with their selected group of internet friends and they let their geek flag fly! For the most part, Cosmic Potato is a film show. They talk about films that they love and some that they hate. Most of the time there is a method to their madness and they have a theme. They may be talking about their favorite animated films or the films that are so bad that they love them.

But movies just scratches the surface. Other topics that they turn to frequently are books, comics, games, TV, and Saturday Morning Cartoons.

Our theme music is Transform by Ray Rude from his album Oblique Strategies. You can find it by clicking this link to the Free Music Archive.

Episodes (Click To Listen):

Episode 124: Our Guilty Pleasures

Episode 123: Marvelous Reviews

Episode 122: Best and Worst Video Game Movies

Episode 121: Top Five

Bonus Episode: To Infinity War And Beyond *LIVE*

Episode 120: Frequently Unasked Questions--Part II

Bonus Episode: Virginia Hey Returns

Episode 119: Choose Your Own Legal Action

Episode 118: The Admiral's Table--The 13th Doctor

Episode 117: Elseworlds Review

Episode 116: Head Canon

Episode 115: Sci-Fighters--Magic Vs Sci-Fi

Episode 114: News And Reviews

Episode 113: Best In Show--Halloween Edition

Episode 112: The Monster Mash

Episode 111: Reunions We'd Like To See

Episode 110: Hijinks Ensue

Episode 109: Classic Movie Series VI

Episode 108: Armin Shimerman!

Episode 107: Tidbits and Obscenities

Episode 106: Doppelgangers Number Two

Episode 105: Fall TV Preview

Episode 104: Hubris -or- The Cursed Episode

Episode 103: Classic Movie Series Part V

Episode 102: The Return of Picard -or- MoviePass Can Suck It!

Episode 101: SDSS Trailer Review -or- Good Job DC...Maybe

Episode 100: Show of the "Century"!

Episode 99: Frequently Unasked Questions

Episode 98: Sci-Fi Jeopardy--Live From Magic City Con 2018

Episode 97: Classic Movie Series IV -or- Fill My Arms With Heather

Episode 96: Solo Movie Review -or- Gatekeeping Fanholes

Episode 95: The Fall of the House of Hardwick -or- Incredibles Rising

Episode 94: Um, Actually--Live From Magic City Con

Episode 93: Classic Movie Series III

Episode 92: Ambien Tweeting

Bonus Episode: Virginia Hey

Episode 91: Take It From The Top!

Episode 90: Oh, Hi Mark

Episode 89: We've Got The Stones!

Episode 88: Perfect Movies

Episode 87: Classic Movie Series Part 2

Episode 86: Nostalgia Overload

Episode 85: Is That A Banana Clip On Your Face?

Episode 84: Sci-Fighters--Heaven vs Hell

Episode 83: Classic Movie Series I

Episode 82: Best In Show II

Episode 81: Back In Business

Episode 80: Favorite One Setting Movies

Episode 79: Sci-Fighters Doppelgangers 

Episode 78: Best In Show

Episode 77: All New Sci-Fighters!!!

Episode 76: 2018 In Film

Episode 75: Review of The Last Jedi (Spoilers)

Episode 74: Gremlins Commentary Track

Episode 73: That Could Have Ended Differently

Episode 72: Ragnarok And Roll

Episode 71: Spin-offs We'd Like To See

Episode 70: Reviews And Scandals

Episode 69: Mad Scientists

Episode 68: 2017 Halloween Special

Episode 67: Barbie On Steroids

Episode 66: To Put Right What Once Went Wrong

Episode 65: How Do You Hack A Sexy Robot

Episode 64: That Girl That Was In That Thing

Bonus Episode: Doctor Who

Episode 63: Flip The Script

Bonus Episode: The Defenders

Bonus Episode: Reboots and Remakes

Episode 62: Top Documentaries

Episode 61: Remember the Face of Your Father

Episode 60: Sci-Fighters V--Myth vs Legend

Episode 59: Just Your Friendly Neighborhood Podcast

Episode 58: Movies About Movies

Episode 57: Um...Actually

Episode 56: Yankee Doodle Dandy

Episode 55: That Guy That Was In That Thing

Episode 54: True Confessions

Episode 53: 2017 Summer Movie Preview

Episode 52: The Art of Collecting

Episode 51: Casting Call

Episode 50: Please Stop Doing The Thing

Episode 49: Sci-Fighters IV--Marvel vs Dc

Episode 48: Sci-Fighters III--The Temporal Showdown

Episode 47: Special Guest--Ming Chen

Episode 46: The Millennial Falcon Crossover

Episode 45: "What's In The Box?"

Episode 44: The Family Friendly Experimentation

Episode 43: 2017 Film Preview

Episode 42: Rogue One Party

Episode 41: Sci-Fighters II--The Bunny Was Always In The Matrix

Episode 40: A Visit From World War G

Episode 39: 2016 Fall Best And Worst

Episode 38: 2016 Halloween Special

Episode 37: Sci-Fighters--Star Trek vs Star Wars

Episode 36: Best Movies Based On Actual Events

Episode 35: Coming of Age

Episode 34: Cosmic Potato After Dark

Episode 33: Our Favorite YouTube Channels

Episode 32: Reboots and Sequels We'd Like to See

Episode 31: Happy Birthday To Us

Episode 30: This Episode Is A Cult Classic

Episode 29: We Ain't Afraid of No Ghost

Episode 28: Pokemon Everywhere and Throwback Toys

Episode 27: That Smoke Wasn't Wearing Sunglasses--or--The Tapestries of Ooo

Episode 26: Saturday Morning Cartoons of the 60s and 70s

Episode 25: Saturday Morning Cartoons of the 80s and 90s

Episode 24: Is Moffat A Blessing or Curse for Doctor Who?

Episode 23: Live From Magic City Con 2016

Episode 22: Claim Your Seat

Episode 21: Top Animated Film Picks

Episode 20: X-Men Apocalypse Reaction

Episode 19: The Return of John Irons

Episode 18: Mother's Day

Episode 17: Time Traveler's and a Few Zombies

Episode 16: More Golden Spud Awards

Episode 15: Chimi-Freakin'-Changas and Award Shows

Episode 14: Best And Worst Adaptations

Episode 13: 2016 In Film

Episode 12: Darth Vader Would Never Do That

Episode 11: 2015 Christmas Extravaganza

Episode 10: Scott Bakula And Spoilers

Episode 09: AKA Sam Becket...Or Is It Beckett?

Episode 08: Fear The Walking Muppets

Episode 07: Are We Gonna Pay For That?

Episode 06: Horror Interview Special

Episode 05: 2015 Halloween Special Vol 2

Episode 04: 2015 Halloween Special Vol 1

Episode 03: Our Favorite Bad Movies

Episode 02: Back To School

Episode 01: Here We Go!

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