Cosmic Potato: The Super Fantalk Podcast

Episodes (Click To Listen):

Cosmic Rewind: Our Favorite Bad Movies

Episode 77: All New Sci-Fighters!!!

Episode 76: 2018 In Film

Episode 75: Review of The Last Jedi (Spoilers)

Episode 74: Gremlins Commentary Track

Episode 73: That Could Have Ended Differently

Episode 72: Ragnarok And Roll

Episode 71: Spin-offs We'd Like To See

Episode 70: Reviews And Scandals

Episode 69: Mad Scientists

Episode 68: 2017 Halloween Special

Episode 67: Barbie On Steroids

Episode 66: To Put Right What Once Went Wrong

Episode 65: How Do You Hack A Sexy Robot

Episode 64: That Girl That Was In That Thing

Bonus Episode: Doctor Who

Episode 63: Flip The Script

Bonus Episode: The Defenders

Bonus Episode: Reboots and Remakes

Episode 62: Top Documentaries

Episode 61: Remember the Face of Your Father

Episode 60: Sci-Fighters V--Myth vs Legend

Episode 59: Just Your Friendly Neighborhood Podcast

Episode 58: Movies About Movies

Episode 57: Um...Actually

Episode 56: Yankee Doodle Dandy

Episode 55: That Guy That Was In That Thing

Episode 54: True Confessions

Episode 53: 2017 Summer Movie Preview

Episode 52: The Art of Collecting

Episode 51: Casting Call

Episode 50: Please Stop Doing The Thing

Episode 49: Sci-Fighters IV--Marvel vs Dc

Episode 48: Sci-Fighters III--The Temporal Showdown

Episode 47: Special Guest--Ming Chen

Episode 46: The Millennial Falcon Crossover

Episode 45: "What's In The Box?"

Episode 44: The Family Friendly Experimentation

Episode 43: 2017 Film Preview

Episode 42: Rogue One Party

Episode 41: Sci-Fighters II--The Bunny Was Always In The Matrix

Episode 40: A Visit From World War G

Episode 39: 2016 Fall Best And Worst

Episode 38: 2016 Halloween Special

Episode 37: Sci-Fighters--Star Trek vs Star Wars

Episode 36: Best Movies Based On Actual Events

Episode 35: Coming of Age

Episode 34: Cosmic Potato After Dark

Episode 33: Our Favorite YouTube Channels

Episode 32: Reboots and Sequels We'd Like to See

Episode 31: Happy Birthday To Us

Episode 30: This Episode Is A Cult Classic

Episode 29: We Ain't Afraid of No Ghost

Episode 28: Pokemon Everywhere and Throwback Toys

Episode 27: That Smoke Wasn't Wearing Sunglasses--or--The Tapestries of Ooo

Episode 26: Saturday Morning Cartoons of the 60s and 70s

Episode 25: Saturday Morning Cartoons of the 80s and 90s

Episode 24: Is Moffat A Blessing or Curse for Doctor Who?

Episode 23: Live From Magic City Con 2016

Episode 22: Claim Your Seat

Episode 21: Top Animated Film Picks

Episode 20: X-Men Apocalypse Reaction

Episode 19: The Return of John Irons

Episode 18: Mother's Day

Episode 17: Time Traveler's and a Few Zombies

Episode 16: More Golden Spud Awards

Episode 15: Chimi-Freakin'-Changas and Award Shows

Episode 14: Best And Worst Adaptations

Episode 13: 2016 In Film

Episode 12: Darth Vader Would Never Do That

Episode 11: 2015 Christmas Extravaganza

Episode 10: Scott Bakula And Spoilers

Episode 09: AKA Sam Becket...Or Is It Beckett?

Episode 08: Fear The Walking Muppets

Episode 07: Are We Gonna Pay For That?

Episode 06: Horror Interview Special

Episode 05: 2015 Halloween Special Vol 2

Episode 04: 2015 Halloween Special Vol 1

Episode 03: Our Favorite Bad Movies

Episode 02: Back To School

Episode 01: Here We Go!

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