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About Life In Stripes:
Sherri Wray has CVID which is a form of primary immunodeficiency (PI). What do you know about PI? Chances are the answer is "not much". How many people do you know who have some form of it? Chances are that you don't really know the answer to that one...but you probably do know someone.

Life In Stripes is meant to provide information about these diseases as well as give you a peak at the life of a family that deals with it every day. Shawn and Sherri pull the curtain back and let you into their lives. Occasionally, they'll have a guest on to share their story as well.

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Episode 3: Dealing With CVID As A Young Person

This episode we talked about all of the obstacles that teenagers and young adults face when they get a diagnosis of CVID or another form of PI. We talked to two guests who know a little more about the subject than we do.
Austin Wray is our son. He is 18 years old and was diagnosed with CVID when he was 13.
John Scagliarini joined us via Skype. He is 28 years old and has been living with his diagnosis since he was 15.
We talked about all sorts of things that kids face from dealing with jealous friends, playing sports, and being accommodated at school and at work.
We shared a lot of information at the end of the show that we wanted to link here:
IDF Young Adult Webinars (First one is March 16): 
Young Adult section on the IDF website:
Teen section on the IDF website:
also wanted to give you the information about the book that I wrote. It’s called Marvin McBrayer: Zebra For President. It is written for middle school aged kids and it is about a boy that is running for class president. He also happens to have CVID. If you have a child with PI and you want to give them a book with a main character that they can relate to, then I would love it if you would give this one a try. It is available as an ebook on Amazon for $2.99 and all of the proceeds made from the book will go to the IDF. Just click the link below:
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Episode 2: What Not To Say To Primary Immunodeficient Patients

This week we took a few minutes to talk about the new award system that we’re setting up. We are awarding gift cards to young people that are trying to make a difference in the PI community. This time around our spotlight is on Jack and Noah, two great kids that made crayons and sold them, donating all of the money to the Make A Wish Foundation. They raised over $1,200! Way to go guys! If you know a kid or two that is doing something  to help or to spread awareness, give us their info and maybe they’ll get noticed as well.
We also talked about some of the things that you should not say to someone that is dealing with PI as well as some things that you could say instead. This can be something like “You don’t look sick” to “What have you got now?”. Hopefully, you’ll share this episode with a loved one or a coworker that might get educated a little in the matter.
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Episode 1: Welcome Everybody
Whew! We got that first episode done and it was a doosey! Not because it was hard to record or anything. We actually had a good conversation and I think Sherri did a fantastic job of laying out just what CVID and other PI disorders are. And I think we laid out our plans pretty well.
No, the rough part was the fact that I had never recorded a podcast with another person that was in the room with me before. My main podcast,Cosmic Potato, is done over Skype. And the other one that I do, Shrinking Shawn, is just me all by myself. So I had my laptop and mic and Sherri had her laptop and mic. And I didn’t account for the fact that there would be a horrible echo all the way through the track.
So, I stayed up past my bedtime to get rid of the echo as best as I could to have a decent first episode for you guys. I really hope that you enjoy it. Let us know what you think by contacting us on Facebook or emailing us. You can contact me at You can reach Sherri at

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