Do you remember the great legends of wrestling from back in the day? Was watching Wrestle-Mania one of the highlights of your childhood? Join Rob and Zach as they relive all the highlights of ever single Wrestle-Mania ever!

If you'd like to contact the guys and tell them your Wrestle-Mania memories you can write them an email. Just click on the contact tab at the top of the page.

Episodes (Click To Listen):

Bonus Episode: Kodaka

Episode 15: Wrestlemania XV

Episode 14: Wrestlemania XIV

Episode 13: Wrestlemania XIII

Episode 12: Wrestlemania XII

Episode 11: Wrestlemania XI

Bonus Episode: The Great Muta

Episode 10: Wrestlemania X

Bonus Episode: Tomohiro Ishii

Episode 9: Wrestlemania IX

Episode 8: Wrestlemania VIII

Bonus Episode: Genichiro Tenryu

Episode 7: Wrestle-Mania VII

Episode 6: Wrestle-Mania VI

Episode 5: Wrestle-Mania V

Episode 4: Wrestle-Mania IV

Bonus Episode: Thunder Mania IV

Episode 3: Wrestle-Mania III

Episode 2: Wrestle-Mania II

Episode 1: Wrestle-Mania I

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