Cosmic Potato: The Super Fantalk Podcast:
This is the flagship of the network. Every week Shawn gets together with his selected group of internet friends and they let their geek flag fly! For the most part, Cosmic Potato is a film show. They talk about films that they love and some that they hate. Most of the time there is a method to their madness and they have a theme. They may be talking about their favorite animated films or the films that are so bad that they love them.

But movies just scratches the surface. Other topics that they turn to frequently are books, comics, games, TV, and Saturday Morning Cartoons. Cosmic Potato is available by clicking HERE.

Our theme music is Transform by Ray Rude from his album Oblique Strategies. You can find it by clicking this link to the Free Music Archive.

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The Prime Direction:
If you are a Star Trek fan then you have a story. Everyone who loves any of the 5 TV series or 12 movies (and counting) knows that being a fan is more than that. It's more than just liking some episodes of a TV show. We all fell in love with the show for very specific reasons and we all have a reason that we keep coming back to it. It has been our teacher, our companion, and our friend at different times in our life. Not all of us are as affected as others, but we have all been changed by Star Trek.

On The Prime Direction, Shawn sits down and has a one on one interview with people from all walks of life that have been affected by Star Trek. They go back to their earliest memories of the show and tell the story of their fandom all the way to the present. This podcast is not really about the shows or the movies. This one is about the fans and how Star Trek has affected us. You can find this show HERE.

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Shrinking Shawn:
If you have had a weight problem most of your life and you can't seem to get on a plan to get it off or if you've ever found yourself turning to food to fill the emotional gaps in your life...then you may suffer from food addiction. Shawn has dealt with his addiction his whole life, but has only come to accept its existence in the last year or so. Shrinking Shawn is his way of dealing with the issues in his life. Most episodes are related to his addiction and his weight loss. Other times he may delve off into other issues such as bullying, raising teenagers, or dealing with the death of a loved one. This show is raw and honest. You can find Shrinking Shawn by clicking HERE!

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Life In Stripes:
Sherri Wray has CVID which is a form of primary immunodeficiency (PI). What do you know about PI? Chances are the answer is "not much". How many people do you know who have some form of it? Chances are that you don't really know the answer to that one...but you probably do know someone.

Life In Stripes is meant to provide information about these diseases as well as give you a peek at the life of a family that deals with it every day. Shawn and Sherri pull the curtain back and let you into their lives. Occasionally, they'll have a guest on to share their story as well. You can find the show HERE.

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