The Prime Direction

If you are a Star Trek fan then you have a story. Everyone who loves any of the 5 TV series or 12 movies (and counting) knows that being a fan is more than that. It's more than just liking some episodes of a TV show. We all fell in love with the show for very specific reasons and we all have a reason that we keep coming back to it. It has been our teacher, our companion, and our friend at different times in our life. Not all of us are as affected as others, but we have all been changed by Star Trek.

On The Prime Direction, Shawn sits down and has a one on one interview with people from all walks of life that have been affected by Star Trek. They go back to their earliest memories of the show and tell the story of their fandom all the way to the present. This podcast is not really about the shows or the movies. This one is about the fans and how Star Trek has affected us.

Episodes (Click To Listen):

Episode 23: Tim Babb

Episode 22: Branden Ushio

Episode 21: Virginia Pickel

Episode 20: Gary Mitchel

Episode 19: Joe Crowe

Episode 18: Bruce Finklea

Episode 17: John Irons

Episode 16: Skipper Martin

Episode 15: Michele Specht

Episode 14: Christopher DeFilippis

Episode 13: MarkAdam Miller

Episode 12: Jim Arrowood

Episode 11: Michael Jan Friedman

Episode 10: Vic Mignogna

Episode 9: Anya Crittenton

Episode 8: Kristine M. Smith

Episode 7: Jeff Shackelford

Episode 6: Kennedy Gordon

Episode 5: David C. Roberson

Episode 4: Richard Smith

Episode 3: Scott Matteson

Episode 2: Troy Wood

Episode 1: Rick Tetrault

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