Trial By Pilot

Nobody has time to watch every new television series that comes along. So, to help you pick which ones to spend your time on, Bill, Elizabeth, and Casey judge them all based solely on the pilot. Tune in every week to hear them pass or fail another series after only watching one episode.

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Episode 53: Whiskey Cavalier

Episode 52: PEN15

Episode 51: Umbrella Academy

Episode 50: One Year Anniversary Show

Episode 49: Russian Doll

Episode 48: Black Monday

Episode 47: The Passage

Episode 46: Sex Education

Episode 45: Project Blue Book

Episode 44: Nightflyers

Episode 43: Camping

Episode 42: Recap #3

Episode 41: My Brilliant Friend

Episode 40: Naughty And Nice

Episode 39: The Rookie

Episode 38: Homecoming

Episode 37: I Feel Bad

Episode 36: Single Parents

Episode 35: The Kids Are Alright

Episode 34: The Haunting of Hill House

Episode 33: The Conners

Episode 32: God Friended Me

Episode 31: Manifest

Episode 30: Kidding

Episode 29: Maniac

Episode 28: Recap #2

Episode 27: Disenchantment

Episode 26: Jack Ryan

Episode 25: Sacred Lies

Episode 24: Lodge 49

Episode 23: Making It

Episode 22: Strange Angel

Episode 21: Castle Rock

Episode 20: Just Another Immigrant

Episode 19: Sharp Objects

Episode 18: Reverie

Episode 17: Take Two

Episode 16: Aggretsuko

Episode 15: Killing Eve

Episode 14: Recap #1

Episode 13: Lost In Space 1965

Episode 12: Lost In Space 2018

Episode 11: Living Bibically

Episode 10: The Crossing

Episode 9: Barry

Episode 8: The Terror

Episode 7: Roseanne 1988

Episode 6: Roseanne 2018

Episode 5: Alex Inc

Episode 4: Splitting Up Together

Episode 3: Champions

Episode 2: For The People

Episode 1: Rise

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