World War G

World War G is a podcast about all things geek. Troy, AJ, and Colton sit down and talk about all the geeky news of the week. They discuss movies, TV, comic books, video games and anything else they happen to think of. With the occasional taste test, movie commentary and episodes dedicated to one specific category. World War G is a fun, entertaining podcast if you are a nerd, geek, weirdo or anything in least we think so. 

This show is available right here on the website or you can visit their site at

Episodes (Click  To Listen):

Episode 213: Too Apathetic To Be Famous

Episode 212: Full House to the Big House

Episode 211: Beware of Polka Dot Man!

Episode 210: More Coincidence Than Conspiracy

Episode 209: From Oscar To Michael Bay

Episode 208: Podcasts "R" Us

Episode 207: I Got Gamer's Hand!

Episode 206: You Get A Marshall!

Episode 205: Good Night Tom Hanks's Toothbrush

Episode 204: Shades of Something Italian

Episode 203: Bandersnatch, Hardly Knew Her

Episode 202: Sideways To The Present

Episode 201: Salty Santa

Episode 200: Two And A Half Geeks

Episode 199: Bill Maher Is Stouchie

Episode 198: Hot Mario Nonsense

Episode 197: The Sounds Of Freedom!

Episode 196: Work For Your Candy

Episode 195: Extra Cheesy

Episode 194: $20 And A Jar Of Jelly Beans

Episode 193: I Want A Cheese Lick

Episode 192: Focus On The Balls

Episode 191: T&A At The Movies--Captain America-The Winter Soldier

Episode 190: Tainted Death Water

Episode 189: Goldblum-esque

Episode 188: We Are Goose

Episode 187: Is Very Bean Forward

Episode 186: The REAL Bat-Man

Episode 185: I'm Bi-Starsian

Episode 184: Animate Those Babies

Episode 183: Dwayne Johnson is Quesadilla Biblioteca

Episode 182: Dumpling Headed Weirdo

Episode 181: Keep The "D" Out Of Sports

Episode 180: At The Movies--Thor The Dark World

Episode 179: Don't Taint His Flashness

Episode 178: The Cuteness Factor

Episode 177: Horny Booze Hound

Episode 176: My Big Fat Geek Wedding

Episode 175: Thanos' Purple Glory

Episode 174: Feed The Binge Beast

Episode 173: Captain 'Murica

Episode 172: Intimately

Episode 171: EGGciting And EGGcellent

Episode 170: A.C.T. In The Movies--Iron Man 3

Episode 169: Sugar Cups

Episode 168: Buzz Cola, Ya Basic!

Episode 167: Don't Bother Me...I'm Watching The Oscars

Episode 166: Carl! Take A Bath Carl! 

Episode 165: A Krypt-On For Superman

Episode 164: God's Dollars

Episode 163: Oogie Boogie's Sack

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